Drag-n-Drop Multi-Timeline Video Editor

Рoint & click your way to exciting videos with this most advanced viral video creation software.

DFY Lead Video Templates

Use YTSuite DFY video templates to instantly create lead and sale videos fully optimized for YouTube ads

Auto-Create High Converting Landing Pages

Create congruent lead generation pages hosted for you that match your video ads for leads and sales.

Find Placements, Topics, & Keywords

Save money on your Adwords & YouTube ads campaigns by finding the best placements, Adwords topics, & keywords to show ads on.

Get Prequalified Clients

Quickly find and land clients frustrated with Facebook ads and needing YouTube ads campaigns set-up.

Auto-Create & Submit Campaigns to Adwords

Let the app create a high-converting YouTube video ads campaign for you and submit it to Adwords.

YouTube Ads Training

Get bonus training on how Adwords works and best setup practices to go along with YTSuite advanced video technology

AgencyRights & Commercial Rights Included

Sell YTSuite services for any price or sell access to the app for a monthly fee.

And so much more

In this first-ever all-in-one YouTube marketing video technology.

One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only


…I’m highly recommending YTSuite over everything else

Hi, and thanks for giving me early access to test this. iOS14 presents a gigantic opportunity for agencies as small businesses need fast leads and sales today. YTSuite helps create these profitable campaigns but more importantly saves hours with the lead video creator. Other video apps just don’t work as well which is why I’m highly recommending YTSuite over everything else.

Matthew R.

they got so many leads the first week they are paying me monthly…

WOOHOO! Not only do these videos and campaigns look great, they convert very well. I implemented a YTSuite campaign for an agency client as a free trial and they got so many leads the first week they are paying me monthly to run more campaigns. You guys rock.

Alexandria S.

Facebook Ads Barely Work Now - And Small Businesses Are Panicking

Local and online businesses were already struggling to come online and keep their doors open due to the pandemic.

Then, the iOS14 update happened which DESTROYED their Facebook sales and lead campaigns.

Unfortunately, Facebook's answer to this advertising nightmare was to pivot to the ‘‘Metaverse’, leaving already struggling mom-and-pop businesses in the dust.

Give Them a Solution that Works TODAY Success with YouTube Ads

Meanwhile, Google’s Adwords and YouTube advertising platform has greatly improved from just a year ago.

Problem is, most small businesses have no idea how to use Adwords and YouTube ads, let alone how to create highly optimized PPC campaigns there with the new interface.

That's where you come in with our all-in-one video technology advertising system.

Get This…

"YouTube is the 2nd most visited website now with 1 billion videos uploaded each hour."


That means you can run profitable YouTube ads in any niche

"2 out of 3 buyers have said that they watch YouTube videos to get ideas and inspiration before making purchasing decisions."

Think with Google

YouTube is the ideal source for buyer traffic now.

"Only 9% of small businesses have their own Youtube channel."


Tons of small businesses are missing a gigantic, easy opportunity for instant leads

"Online videos 82% of all consumer internet traffic — with YouTube being the top place."


YouTube is only going to keep getting bigger and more profitable

Now you can…

Send Daily Sales to Small Businesses and Run a ‘YouTube Ads Agency’

Hey, it’s Ben Murray & Vivek Gour here, and after months of development, we’ve created the ultimate YouTube and Adwords PPC suite for this very reason.

Now you can help businesses stay afloat with daily leads and sales with advanced video technology.


YTSuite is an all-in-one, easy-to-use cloud app that does everything needed to create highly profitable Adwords and YouTube advertising campaigns for local businesses.

This groundbreaking app comes with agency rights, allowing you to run a YouTube advertising agency for the first time ever or simply use the technology to get agency leads yourself!

…this software is not only amazing, but absolutely essential.

Luckily I got to be an early tester for YTSuite and can confirm this software is not only amazing, but absolutely essential. Running ads campaigns is the absolute fastest way to guarantee results for any agency client and YTSuite is the most comprehensive app to allow to do that fast and easy.

Matt R.

YTSuite is the most affordable and feature packed solution…

There are too many ‘me too’ tools out there on the market these days that don’t really solve any pain points of the customer. Not only is this software very high end, it actually solves a giant problem. To stay in business longterm you must do some sort of advertising online now, and YTSuite is the most affordable and feature packed solution to that now! Great job on this one.

David S.

Get Started Creating Profitable YouTube Ads Campaigns
for Clients By…

Step 1Create Their YouTube-Optimized Lead Video

Create a perfectly optimized YouTube video ad from many DFY templates in hot local business niches or from scratch. These templates are optimized specifically for YouTube and Adwords ads. Customize everything in a click including text, motion backgrounds, transitions, voiceovers, and more.


Step 2Find Money-Saving Adwords Placements, Topics, and Keywords to Save Money.

Then, make clients’ YouTube campaigns profitable by letting YTSuite find the best Adwords placements, topics, and keywords to use in your campaigns. Uncover the best, hidden places to show your YouTube videos, the most profitable topics and audiences, and more to save as much money as possible.

Step 3Create Their Adwords-Optimized Landing Page

Next, let YTSuite create an Adwords-approved, fully optimized and congruent lead page for each video you make. Choose from many hot local business niche templates, customize each in just a few clicks, and host them on YTSuite servers.

Step 4Autosubmit Campaigns to their Adwords Account and Get Paid

Then, finish creating your fully optimized Adwords campaign and submit it in one click to each client's Adwords account to start sending them instant leads and sales fast. Charge per campaign setup, per lead, or a monthly fee for app access.

With YTSuite, Create Fully Optimized YouTube Campaigns

Check Out Example Videos Made in YTSuite

Pizza Place Example

Pet Training Example

AutoRepair Example

step 1

Get Leads that Need YouTube Advertising Campaigns

step 2

Let the Software Claim Create Profitable Adwords YouTube Campaigns For Them

step 3

Get Paid Month After Month for While They Drive Leads and Sales

Check out the Demo:
Drag and Drop, Multi-Timeline Video Creator

Some Unique Features Include...

Smart Video Creation Engine

Create professional, high-converting videos from scratch or from carefully constructed templates for your video advertising campaigns.

These attention-getting ads are complete with professional stock clips, voiceovers, music, graphics, & more - all fully customizable.

DFY Lead Video Templates - in Hot Local Niches

DFY Lead Video Templates in Hot Local Niches

Get 20+ DFY video templates to instantly create lead and sale videos fully optimized for YoutTube ads. These are fully optimized specifically for YouTube video ads.

Find Profitable YouTube Placements

Find Profitable YouTube Placements

Adwords allows you to choose specific channels, videos, or pages to place your ads on. This helps dramatically decrease costs!

YTSuite enables you to find the most congruent and profitable placements for each of your clients’ campaigns.

Find Profitable Adwords Topics

Find Profitable Adwords Topics

Adwords A.I. has created lists of audiences you can show your clients ads in front of. YTSuite helps find the most relevant topics to include in your campaign fast and easy

Find Profitable Longtail Campaign Keywords

Find Profitable Longtail Campaign Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of YouTube and all Adwords campaigns, but it’s still difficult to find profitable longertail keywords to use within Adwords.

Our keyword finder lets you find the most relevant and untapped keywords to show ads on.

Organize by Clients

Organize by Clients

Organize clients by different projects and by subusers. Upload videos to the client's YouTube and make sure YouTube channel is separated by client.

DFY Landing Page Templates & Builder

DFY Landing Page Templates & Builder

Create congruent lead generation pages hosted for you that match your video ads for leads and sales. These pages will convert like hotcakes and are Adwords TOS approved

Download & Submit Campaigns to Adwords

AutoSubmit Campaigns to Adwords

Let the app create a high-converting YouTube video ads campaign for you and submit it to Adwords in one click

Autoresponder and Leads Integration

Autoresponder and Leads Integration

Integrate your client’s autoresponder and quickly capture and send leads to them from YTSuite’s cloud-based landing pages

Get Prequalified Local Business Leads

Get Prequalified Local Business Leads

Find prequalified clients desperate for more leads and sales and are tired of struggling with Facebook. You’ll see exactly where these clients are and how to land them for $500-$2000 fees.

Adwords Training

Adwords Training

Never run a YouTube or Adwords advertising campaign before? We’ll show you how in bonus training

And Much More Like…

Tutorials & 24-7 Support

Easy to Use - Beginner Friendly

Adwords API Approved

Autoresponder Integration

Fully Cloud-based

Drag-n-Drop Technology

Fully Tested

Thousands of Images & Video Clips included

Fully Mobile Friendly Pages

One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only

Special Free Limited

Time Upgrade (Today Only) #1 Unlimited Price

Commercial Licensing Included

First, as a special bonus, you’re getting the Commercial License with your investment today.

This allows you to sell the services from YTSuite you make for any price you want to multiple businesses.

Special Free Limited

Time Upgrade #2 (Today Only)

Agency Licensing Included

Plus, you’re getting the Agency License as a special bonus today only.

This means you can give access to the software for a monthly fee, and let the client do the campaign set-up FOR YOU.

Easily charge $500-$2000 per month for access while clients do all the setup for you.

Special Free Limited

Time Upgrade #3 (Today Only)

YouTube Advertising Training

And as another VIP limited-time bonus, you’ll get detailed Adwords and YouTube ads training.

See exactly how to use the interface, how to set up ads, run campaigns, and far more.

Just Think of All the Ways You Can Make Money from YTSuite

You’ll Get All These Upgrades That

Upgrade #1

YTSuite Professional

$597.00 Value, Sold for $127.00

This upgraded, more advanced edition of YTSuite includes…

  • Create unlimited videos
  • Create and host unlimited lead pages
  • Run unlimited lead campaigns
  • Capture unlimited leads
  • Premium video clips to use in videos
  • Host pages on clients’ domain
  • Run webinar lead campaigns
  • VIP Professional bonuses
  • VIP video rendering time

Upgrade #2


$1997.00 Value, Sold for $197.00

Our team will help guarantee you land your first YouTube client in a special DFY offer which includes…

  • Outsourcers License + Integrate Team member technology
  • DFY SOP Whitelabel Campaign - get standard operating procedures to use or sell to clients about using Adwords & running a video advertising campaign
  • DFY video lead campaigns in the best niches (includes DFY videos templates and more lead pages)
  • Access to DFY YouTube channel growth easy-edit site for clients
  • DFY YouTube Agency Site about YT advertising - includes e-commerce technology, 5 year hosting plan, testimonials, and more
  • DFY Agency YouTube videos - help land clients with DFY YouTube lead videos for your own agency
  • $20,000 Adwords Case Study - see how we made 20k with YouTube video ads in a few days
  • Plus, YTSuite comes with one-on-one support to help guarantee success. We’ll help you get your first ads campaign up, help understand anything better in the training, and generate your first leads.

Upgrade #3

YTSuite Elite

$1997.00 Value, Sold for $127.00

This most advanced edition of YTSuite includes…

  • Unlimited agency account license
  • The ability to whitelabel the app with custom logo, branding, and more.
  • DFY YouTube Leadmagnet Proposal - Get a high-end proposal with DFY images & content to land clients Unlimited Video Storage - host unlimited numbers of lead videos on our cloud server Unlimited Outsourcer License - integrate unlimited team members & VAs Advanced Reseller Rights - resell YTSuite for with our DFY setup
  • Video Agency Suite - get a set of cold email swipes, teleswipes, print-on-demonand materials contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
  • Elite VIP bonuses

Upgrade #4

Agency Marketplace Bundle

$597.00 Value, Sold for $67.00

The biggest bundle of agency assets ever put together. Inside you’ll get whitelabel rights to

  • Template bundle - 500+ different local niche sites with 1-click installation, includes hundreds of Wordpress & HTML local templates
  • Graphics bundle - 5000+ agency graphics to use in videos & sales pages
  • PLR bundle - Whitelabel rights to 200+ leadmagents & agency marketing products

Use this to create full websites for clients, video marketing products & more.

Upgrade #5

MotoCom Special

$597.00 Value, Sold for $67.00

MotoCom is the most advanced local website builder on the planet. Go beyond just landing pages and build matching agency sites. Motocom comes with 100+ premium built-in sites to preview or use in the best local niches, 100+ pre-built custom shortcodes, prebuilt headers, footers, SEO optimization, and far more.

Upgrade #6

MotoKart Special

$597.00 Value, Sold for $67.00

MotoCart is the most advanced digital store builder on the planet. Quickly build stores that showcase and sell your agency services or help sell the services of local businesses.

Small businesses must start selling online to survive, and MotoCart makes it easy, helping save thousands on what would be Shopify fees. MotoKart is so powerful, you could build your own Envato-esq marketplace on it.

Loaded with Unbelievable Features! With the
Exclusive Fast Pass Bundle Deal, You’re Getting...

YTSuite Professional

Includes the Following:
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Create Unlimited Lead Pages
  • Search Unlimited Keywords, Topics, and Placements
  • Access to Premium Video Clips Library
  • Create Unlimited Lead Campaigns
  • Capture Unlimited Leads
  • Mammoth Local Graphics Collection
  • VIP Rendering Time
  • Adwords Mastery
  • YouTube Channel Art Multipurpose
  • YouTube Thumbnails Premium

Total Value:



Includes the Following:
  • Whitelabel SOP Adwords Packages
  • DFY Client-Getting Traffic Campaign
  • 20k Adwords Case Study
  • YouTube Agency Website with Customization
  • Team Member Technology
  • Outsourcers License
  • DFY WordPress Easy-Edit Agency Site
  • eCommerce Store Integration
  • Testimonial Creation Tech.
  • YouTube Channel-Builder Site
  • DFY 5 Year Hosting Plan
  • Advanced Adwords Case Study
  • DFY Video Ads & Targeting

Total Value:


YTSuite Elite

Includes the Following:
  • Whitelabel Ability
  • DFY Resellers Rights
  • Unlimited Agency Accounts
  • YTSuite Outsourcing Suite
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Agency Bonuses
  • Agency Business Cards & Flyers
  • YouTube Agency Proposal
  • Reseller Rights Materials
  • Cold Email Reputation Swipes
  • DFY TeleSwipes
  • Contract Vetted by a Lawyer

Total Value:


Agency Marketplace Bundle

Includes the Following:
  • Unlimited Access to 3 Bundles
  • Access to Template Bundle - 317+ Premium WordPress Themes
  • Access to 120+ HTML Sites
  • Access to PLR Bundle - 200+ PLR Products
  • Access to Graphics Bundle - 20+ PSD, 500+ Logos & Graphics.
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Creates/Sell Unlimited Sites & Graphics
  • 1-Click Installation
  • Ultra-Fast Load Times

Total Value:


MotoCom Special

Includes the Following:
  • MotoCom Advanced Upgraded Theme
  • 10 Hot Niches with 100+ Layouts
  • New Drag/Drop Builder Tech.
  • Advanced Wordpress Add-Ons
  • Affiliate System
  • Lightning Loading w/ No Downtime
  • Automated Backup
  • Built-in Updated Security
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Automated Updates
  • SEO & Social-Meta Friendly Tech.
  • Integration with All Major Autoresponders
  • Total Value:


MotoKart Special

Includes the Following:
  • MotoKart Agency Site Builder
  • PreLoad 300+ Hot Selling Products
  • Set-Up Accounts For Agency Clients
  • Charge A Sign-Up Fee + Commissions
  • Multiple Agency Store Layouts
  • SEO Optimized & Fully Mobile Responsive
  • 1-Click eCommerce Integration
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • One-Click Order & Delivery
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Sell Unlimited Digital Products
  • Unlimited Site Licnese

Total Value:


Tons of Businesses Are Breaking Through with YouTube Ads:

Majestic Heli Ski, a small business based in Alaska, have grown their revenue 25% using YouTube ads alone.

Video ad targeting helped them zero in on people who liked skiing in their area and 50% of new customers find them through their video ads.


Boost in customer base over the last five years


Increase in sales each year since starting on YouTube

William Painter used YouTube ads to showcase the company’s sunglasses products and increased conversions by 1,300%. He used TrueView YouTube ads and is tripling down efforts in YouTube to grow his brand.


Increase in website visitors


More conversions


Year-over-year sales revenue

Tulane’s Closet is a small mom and pop company that makes clothing for dogs. After struggling to get any traction they turned to YouTube ads. With just a small $5 a day budget, she began reaching an enormous amount of people with Google Topics to start selling clothes.

Beta-Users Say Getting Results with YTSuite is Easy:

I’ve already landed two YouTube ads clients…

What I’ve found trying to get agency clients is that small businesses want results immediately. The fastest way to deliver that is something just like YTSuite that creates profitable campaigns that tap into thousands of potential leads very quickly. I’ve already landed two YouTube ads clients that I will use YTSuite with.

Sarah L.

I’ve made $2000 the last few weeks…

Businesses have been asking me to run ads campaigns ever since Facebook broke, but Adwords has always been confusing and time consuming for me. I watched the training and used YTSuite and it saved hours of time. I’ve made $2000 the last few weeks just setting up simple video ads campaigns for clients that are working great.

Nathan A.

YTSuite Works for ANY Industry Needing More Leads or Sales

Content Creators



Business Owners

Digital Marketers


Social Media Managers


Plus, YTSuite is Fully Optimized to Help All These Desperate
Local Business Niches:

Self-Employed/Small Firms Architects, Accountants…

Gyms Training Arenas, Swimming Pools

Restaurants Bars, Fine-Dining, Burger Joints…

Healthcare Medical Services, Doctors…

MechanicBody & Paint Shop, Mechanics

Pet Shops Animal Foods, Toys, Pet Shops

Coffee Shops Pastry Places, Small Cafes

Local Bands Artists, Singers, Local Bands

And many more…

Plus, Tap Into a Whole World of Clients ONLINE Too!

There are 7.1 million online stores that want to transition from SEO, content marketing, Facebook ads, to something that works instantly like YouTube ads. You can help them…

Plus, Get These Amazing “Launch-Day” Bonuses if You Order Today...

YT Premium Thumbnails

‘Clickbait’ style YT thumbnails are proven to get more clicks & engagement than any other type of video thumbnail. You’ll get this premium kit of thumbnails to use in YouTube videos - edit and customize each one to whatever niche the video is in.

YT Video Showcase App

YT Video Showcase App is the most versatile gallery software tailored with amazing features and spectacular designs. It is the ultimate gallery plugin that allows you to showcase your videos to sell to clients and agency services.

Agency Rights to Rapid LeadPage Builder 2

A slick rapid lead page builder to build out customized sites right from within the dashboard. This local lead page builder comes packed with loads of content elements – you can start building your layouts in minutes with drag and drop features

Local Whiteboard Lead Videos

Explainer and whiteboard videos attract attention! Now you can generate leads for local businesses with this serious of whiteboard and explainer animation videos.

Video Consultant Pandemic Training

Learn how to become a highly paid YouTube video ads consultant FAST! Get this exclusive bonus training on how to start helping specific businesses that want YouTube or other video services and are struggling from the pandemic.

Whitelabel Rights to Youtube Client Magnet

Get full whitelabel rights to an entire workshop on how to use YouTube for your local business. (Hint: Use this as a free leadmagnet to get video clients or clients to use your agency services).

The Price Will Increase Every Few Hours

Grab This Unbelievable Deal While It Lasts...

To support the bandwidth for this cloud technology and provide you with world-class support, we have to raise the price every few hours.

Plus, YTSuite will soon be sold for a higher monthly subscription after the special launch period ends. However, if you buy now, you’ll lock in access month to month for a one-time-only, super low fee today. Fair warning, this incredible price you see below will disappear soon.

Get Fast Leads and Sales for Clients - Or Pay Nothing

If you don’t agree that this is the biggest opportunity in 2022 and YTSuite is super easy to use, you pay nothing!

It’s that simple. We know this business works…

and we know our first-ever video technology advertising solution makes it easy for you to run YouTube ads, even if you haven’t had any success before.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. If you’re not 100% happy, just open a ticket with our rapid response support in 30 days and you’ll a refund.

A Powerful Solution for Powerful Agencies. Be a Hero
to Small Businesses Everywhere:

Remember, YTSuite is the only all-in-one solution for a one-time price that creates and runs profitable YouTube video ads campaigns, complete with optimized videos, landing pages, placements, keywords, and more.

This smart-app helps struggling small businesses get instant leads and sales, no matter what niche they are in.

Pick the License That’s Right for You Now
Before the Next Price Bump…

YTSuite Advanced

Includes the Following:

  • Drag/Drop Video Creator
  • 20 DFY Video Templates
  • Blank Canvas Editor
  • Organize Campaigns By Clients
  • Find Adwords Keywords
  • Export Data to Adwords
  • Video Tutorials Included
  • 100% Cloud-Based - Nothing To Download
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Find Adwords Keywords
  • Export Data to Adwords
  • Find Adwords Placements
  • Find Adwords Topics
  • Lead Page Builder
  • 20 DFY Lead Page Templates
  • Agency Rights Included - 10 Accounts
  • Create 500 Videos Per Month
  • Create 100 Campaigns Per Month
  • Capture 10,000 Leads per Client Per Month
  • YouTube & Adwords Training Course



YTSuite Advanced

Your low investment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee

YTSuite Bundle

Includes the Following:

  • All Features of YTSuite Advanced
  • Access to All Upgrades of YTSuite
  • Access to All Bonuses & Upgrade Bonuses
  • Tutorials & Training
  • Use Coupon bundlesave for $9.00 Today



YTSuite Bundle

Your low investment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee


YTSuite Will Be Here Now and in the Future

We’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating and improving YTSuite behind the scenes with no downtimes or disruptions, ever.

Rest assured that every feature included with YTSuite will just keep getting better and better in the future just like the other you have bought from us. Our developers are committed to keeping up with Adwords API requirments and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performing optimally.

And don’t forget, you’ll get detailed training videos and 24-7 customer support if you ever have a question or issue.

To Your Success

Ben Murray
Vivek Gour

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to buy this app?

YTSuite is available to you for an incredibly low one-time price if you buy NOW. Once the special offer ends, the app will be offered at a monthly fee.

Does this work for Mac and PC?

Yes. YTSuite is 100% cloud-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser from the device of your choice.

Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?

Our video resources and tutorials make you an expert within minutes. Our team of wizards will always be at your service to guide you and answer any queries that you may have.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy?

Absolutely! Like we said, we are making your purchase extremely risk-free. You bet on us for your success and if you’re not absolutely pleased, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days. We will process it instantly!

One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only